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What Makes Us Different?

Hands-On Approach

We believe the best way to learn is being moved into the right positions to help students create a lasting, repeatable swing.

Short Game Focus

50% of the game happens inside 150 yards, so we stress the importance of pitching, chipping, and putting to improve scores.

On-Course Learning

It's critical to learn under the conditions in which you'll play and we strive to teach students on the course as much as possible.


Trackman, the industry-leading swing and ball flight analysis system, takes our teaching to a new level. You'll find out how technology can help you become a better player.

Premier Equipment

We believe in equipping students with the best possible tools for playing the game. Our partnerships provide discounts for students to get the equipment that fits their game.

Eyeline Golf

Partnering with Eyeline Golf gives our students access to premier putting instruction methodologies and tools to turn putting into a strength of their game.

New to Brian Jacobs Golf?

We're confident that with our proven coaching, you'll gain skills that translate into positive results that'll keep you coming back. We're so confident about our methods that your first hour is on us! Students new to Brian Jacobs Golf can sign up for a complimentary 1-hour Swing and Skills Assessment design to get you started on the path to a better golf game.

Our New Student Assessment is an opportunity for you to meet and interact with a Brian Jacobs Golf Certified Coach/PGA Professional at Ridgemont Country Club to see if we're a fit for you. During the 1-hour session, you and your Coach will get to know each other. We want to learn about your unique needs and goals. When we know where you want to go, we can better help you get there! Using proven techniques and technology, your Coach will observe all aspects of the game – driving, iron play, putting, chipping, and bunker play.

After your assessment, your Coach will outline possible programs that may align with your goals, available time, and resources. There's no pressure or obligation to "buy" or commit, but if you decide that Brian Jacobs Golf is for you, we can help you get started on your journey to better golf!

Meet Brian Jacobs

Over the last 15 years, Brian Jacobs has worked to empower golfers of all ages to find greater enjoyment from the game he loves so much. His dedication and passion for the game are infectious and have earned him Class A PGA credentials and recognition from the PGA Foundation for helping grow the game of golf.

Drawing from his unique experience as an accomplished player, caddie, PGA Professional and golf instructor, Brian brings an invaluable "inside the ropes" perspective to his teaching. Whether you're looking for swing instruction, short game help, course management skills, learning how to manage yourself within a round of golf or preparing your youth golfer to play the game at a high level, Brian has the expertise to help you succeed.

Upcoming Events


Putting Boot Camp June 24 & 25, 2016

I recently had a coaching session with an older gentleman and as we completed the session he said, "I wish I knew this information 20 years ago. I have missed miles and miles of putts." No fun, but I sure am glad we got him moving in the right direction.

I often wonder why people wait so long to get help with their golf game and neglect putting so frequently. I mean for easy math, if the average person shoots 100 and they two putt every green (we know this is not the case) 36% of the score is putting. If you only hit your driver 14 times per round (because there are 4 par 3 holes) only 14% of the round is driving, yet most folks stand on the range and pound driver after driver. Shouldn't we be putting?

Here's your chance to bring out the Putting Genius in you (you know the great putter you really know yourself to be) while learning in a fun environment. I have run these clinics with my friend, Sam Froggatte, all over the country and wish I had time to tell you all the stories of success and happiness we have brought to people just like you.

You're on the 18th green for your chance to get in one of the clinics... do we make a change or do we miss more miles of putts? Time to sign up today before we release the opportunity to the general public! Don't wait as space is limited to 8 people per session!

Friday June 24th

  • Ladies Only Putting Boot Camp - 8:30am-10:30am ($200 per player)
  • CoEd Putting Boot Camp - 11:00am-1:00pm ($200 per player)
  • CoEd Putting Boot Camp - 2:30pm-4:30pm ($200 per player)
  • Adult Tour Training - 5:00pm-7:00pm ($225 per player)

Saturday June 25th

  • CoEd Putting Boot Camp - 8:30am-10:30am ($200 per player)
  • CoEd Tour Training - 11:00am-1:00pm ($225 per player)
  • Youth Putting Boot Camp - 2:30pm-4:30pm ($200 per player)
  • Youth Tour Training - 5:00pm-7:00pm ($225 per player)


Tour Wedge Fitting June 26, 2016

Learn what lofts, lie angles and bounce you need to make your wedges serve you the best for all your short game needs. Experience what a Tour Professional experiences when he or she gets fit for wedges!

  • All fittings are by appointment only and space is limited. Call 585-415-9323 to reserve your space.
  • Fittings will take place on Sunday 6/26 from 9am-5pm
  • Each fitting will span a maximum of 60 minutes and will take place on the wedge range at the west end of the practice facility
  • Each fitting will include a custom Trackman test where you will demo Vokey wedges from the Titleist Fitting Kit and use Titleist ProV1 golf balls
  • There will be a $150 service fee for each fitting. Should you purchase, $50.00 will be applied to your purchase.
  • Public are welcome and expected to adhere to RCC dress code and policy when on property. To review policy and dress code please goo to

Call 585-415-9323 to reserve your space today!

What People Are Saying

Most golfers think they will get better, most won't. If you're serious about improving and reaching your next goal, you must commit to your game, and it is vital that you consistently work with a great instructor. I've worked with many, none is as excellent as Brian Jacobs.

Brian's skills as professional educator as well as a golf pro made a huge difference in my game; when I started with Brian I could barely put together a scoring round and by the end of two years of work I had won my flight in the Irondequoit Country Club championship and lowered my handicap by 9 strokes.

Knowing and working with Brian has not only improved my golf swing, it has changed my life. His ever present positive approach to conquering change and overcoming challenge extend far beyond the game of golf itself. Thanks to Brian, I'm now far more prepared, capable and confident when I slip into one of life's many "sand traps."

I have been an avid golfer for most of my life. I have tried to get my 12 year old son interested in it for 3 years with no real result. This summer my son spent just 1 day with Brian at his clinic and he was hooked. Brian not only taught him how to play better but made golf fun for him. Thanks Brian for the way you teach, inspire and make us all better golfers and people.

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