Is It Time For Your To Collect Data On Your Golf Game?

I know the “hot topic” right now is the merger of LIV (PIF) and the PGA Tour but my question would be, is that going to have an effect on your personal golf game? I think I know the answer. So let’s dive in to this months topic and why data is so important for us all to improve at the game. It has been some what of a challenge over the years for me as a coach to get players to track stats even though in the college game and professional game it has been done for many years. Even simple stats like Fairways In Regulation (FIR), Greens In Regulation (GIR) and Putts Per Round (PPR) seemed to be such a chore for the players to chart yet these simple stats can tell us so much about our games and what we need to work on. If I went out and tracked for the player it would astound me that they may have over 30 putts per round yet see the driver as the culprit to all their poor scoring. I’d zoom in on iron or wedge play and proximity to the hole and get resistance. Out golf game is like a puzzle, all the pieces need to fit together properly and I have found through my own research that Off The Tee (OTT), Approach Shots (APP), Around The Greens (ATG) and Putts are those pieces to the puzzle. We can take a deep dive into the quality of shots and also a players miss pattern and develop a game plan to help them become proficient in areas of weakness or inefficiency. I have said it and written it many times, whether we like it or not, data rules the world and it certainly rules sports. Analytics has been in sport for many, many years and has only advanced and gotten easier to collect and understand. In golf many of my students use ARCCOS sensors and CLIPPD which integrates to one app seamlessly so practice and on course data can collected and analyzed right on your phone. Amazing! Being able to interpret this information is simple! This is a fast way to develop strokes gained insight, shot quality and player quality for a minimal investment of finances. Why wouldn’t we want to know this information? Will we get too good or our handicap will go too low? What is very interesting is we’d collect and analyze data in business or investments but not our golf games. We want doppler to be used to see numbers and tendencies yet when we play the game we don’t want to know anything but the score. I will share those that are using data improve more rapidly than those that don’t.  Is it time for you to collect data on your golf game? The answer is a resounding YES!

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