Product Review-DriveForce


How many times as a player have you wondered if your performance has anything to do with what you do (or don’t) consume? You should be asking yourself this daily because your diet and hydration directly impact performance! Duh, right?
Here’s what I typically hear from players or even other coaches when I ask how they
eat or drink:
– not much whole foods
– zero to very little protein
– lots of processed foods made up of simple carbohydrates and fats,
– too many alcoholic, sugary and/or highly caffeinated drinks (sodas, monster
energy drinks, beer)
– Very poor hydration practices pre, during or post round.
I could go on but you get my point: How can we perform our best as athletes, coaches or even in our daily lives without proper fuel for a properly functioning body?
I am truly fascinated by the science of nutrition and in particular how certain nutrients can elicit certain responses in the body and brain and affect performance. I just went through a heart experience directly related to caffeine, which was a surprise to me considering that I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks. With my
doctors I discovered that, in fact, caffeine was in MANY of the supplements that I was taking each day. I blame myself for not digging deeper into the labeling practices of the supplement industry. Shame on me for not being more educated and discerning, but also shame on the companies for profiting from fact panel sleight-of-hand. That’s why I wanted to write this blog post wholeheartedly endorsing DriveForce, a product I’ve been consuming almost daily for a whole calendar year. The formula is based on health and wellness principles and was the only product in my box of supplements that my doctors didn’t require me to detox from.
DriveForce created DF18, a pre round drink mix that promotes more consistent and enjoyable rounds by eliminating player fatigue, dehydration, and brain fog. Their formula contains healthy ingredients that help the body and mind stay and feel healthier for longer. More importantly, it contains no sugar and no caffeine because neither of these are necessary and can actually lower performance through jitters and crashes!!
To name a few of the ingredients in DF18’s incredible incredible formula:
– NitroRocket Arugula extract, (helps support healthy energy levels, cognition,
blood pressure, and they use it to provide more dietary nitrates than you’d find
in 14g of beet root powder!)
– Magnesium Glycinate (heart health, mood and clarity…and many of us are
deficient in it daily),
– HydroMax Glycerol (Helps hydrate your body and cells more efficiently)
– Pink Salt (balances body PH, regulates blood sugar, supports blood volume –
you can’t get hydrated without it),
– Potassium Chloride (proper functioning heart, muscles, kidneys, blood
pressure – many of us don’t get enough),
– Exogenous ketones (alternative source of energy, healthy cognition, appetite
– L-Theanine (helps with focus, mood, and executive function – and it comes
from green tea).
This isn’t even everything that’s in the formula, just the ones I chose. It’s really quite amazing for a packet of powder and 20 ounces of water! One serving per round, pre or during, and you’ll play more enjoyable and consistent golf. Better Focus. Better Hydration. Better Stamina. Better Recovery. I fully endorse what DriveForce is trying to do for the health and wellness of our players, and encourage you to check them out. Visit my Partners Page or visit them directly at learn more.
For fun, here is a post I wrote regarding DriveForce unsolicited about my experience when I unintentionally stopped using their product for 2 weeks.
“For a little background, DriveForce makes a healthy single-serving pre-round drink mix that sustains golf performance across 18 holes. I was skeptical at first, but I looked at the science and decided to give it a try. I now use it for golf, to help with
long days teaching, before workouts, for hydration. I see it as a functional (multiple) vitamin drink and have been drinking it daily for nearly an entire calendar. Just before Thanksgiving, due to a shipping mixup, I found myself without any. At first, I thought nothing of it – I’d missed days before with no issue…but never 2 weeks straight. This turned into an unplanned experiment and my results were quite interesting!
The first thing I noticed was how much more dehydrated I felt and I had a great difficulty satisfying my craving for fluids. Knowing that water isn’t the only factor in
 hydration, I moved to using Liquid IV and Gatorade, but they didn’t solve my problem either. A second observation I had: my cravings for salt and carbohydrates increased dramatically. It’s true that when I took DriveForce the first time, I noted that it seemed to suppress my appetite, but I was surprised by how strong my cravings were after I stopped. My third observation involved my mental capacities which, as a golf coach, you can imagine is very important to me. Generally, I felt less sharp in my daily tasks and grew very “foggy” as the day wore on compared to how I felt when I was using DF-18. My final observation involved my workouts. While it may sound strange, during my workouts I sweat profusely even when my work output didn’t seem to warrant that. The owners of the company had explained to me before that their formula helps my body regulate its core temperatures better, and that’s why I sweat less when I use their product – but knowing that and experiencing it are completely different! All in all, I’ve determined that DriveForce just turns me into a better and healthier version of myself, and to me that’s priceless. I cannot wait to get DF18 rolling back into my organs and veins!