Are you looking to better your golf game in the winter months?

Golf Channel Academy at Brian Jacobs Golf at its’ indoor location at Avid Indoor Golf and Fitness accepts all golfers at any age or level, from beginner to pro, to come improve their game year- round.

When the weather is bad outdoors we are indoors improving our students golf games with state-of-the-art Full Swing Simulators coupled with Trackman Golf in addition utilize Swing Catalyst performance biomechanics in our teaching simulator and fitness center. Learn the fundamentals, driving, chipping, putting, principles, mechanics and more. Private or group golf lessons are available by appointment. We help bring your game to a new level.

The “Ultimate Learning Studio”

Our instructional bay is equipped with computer-video swing analysis cameras and software to help you improve ALL aspects of your swing.  

Trackman Golf or our digital video cameras record and capture front and back view simultaneously. We guarantee to capture moment of impact. Video is analyzed in sync with balance (weight shift) data provided by Swing Catalyst, as well as ball and club data.

Observe your swing in real-time using live view or analyzed, recorded swing frame-by-frame. Multiple swing sequencing allows for evaluation of multiple swings at once, comparing a swing over time, from multiple angles, or in contrast to a professional. You can work on a specific swing thought and see that swing instantly. Your personal swing video can be provided on CD or cloud after your session.

We can do “on course” instruction, range time, spend time on your short game or work on your mental game in a warm, friendly learning environment!

Come in for a New Student Assessment today!

***Indoor season is November 1-April 31.