What is your Driving Force (to play golf)? The Learning Line to Win.

Well you did it again..another great start to a round of golf and the deeper into the round you got, the more “the wheels fell off”. You put the time in for practice, drill after drill, day after day but you still cannot get two sides of 9 holes together consistently (ugh there is that word again).

Here’s a quick question, what exactly drives you to play golf? In other words, why do you play? Maybe another question is, do you really play golf? Simplified, golf is a game and that being said it is supposed to be fun. I have seen many kinds of golf in my coaching experience, mad golf, sad golf, bad golf, some plaid golf, rad golf and glad goof (the last two not very often), It’s important  not only to know how to play but also “your why”. Your driving force. If you are driven solely by results you’ll be disappointed. I am not saying results are not important but the best players and learners are driven by process. Everything is a process and routine. Swing mechanics, nutrition, sleep and recovery, travel, thoughts..process and routine. We all travel pretty much the same process line if we are going to master a skill and be a winner..we get interested ..then motivated..(during this motivation we may seek out an expert..a coach and have some external cues to expedite the process)..we gain confidence, then competence ..then mastery… then we win. It can take a long, long time to be a “master of a skill” and we can become one at any time in our lives so YES we can take up golf later in life and be very, very good it all depends on how committed you are to the process. Isn’t that good news? Here is the kicker though..most of us do not become masters of a skill on our own..we need help! YES, HELP! Preferably from an expert whom can coach you every step of the way. Maybe you even need multiple coaches? Ever see the team athletes have around them? Swing Coach, Short game Coach, Mental Coach, Dietician, Physical Therapist…the list goes on..do you know why? They become a master, faster 😀..they win faster..the process is faster and routined. I have found we all have really good intentions but intentions are not routines, they are thoughts. Maybe it is time to pull out a pen and paper and write your why..why do I play golf? Why do I want to be good? Maybe even, what do I need to do to be my best? My advice, surround yourself with experts (and they are not the guys or girls in your foursome who beat you by one shot in general)..Take an overview of your physical health and wellness for example the food and drinks you consume, your mental health and thought processes for example how you deal with adversity and lastly are you of a growth mindset, meaning you are willing to suffer some to be better. If you need help please contact me at brianjacobsgolf@gmail.com